Together with our guests we are creating


Our old-style Japanese house (machiya) and the neighboring area.

We took an old Kyoto house, with it’s 100 years of history, and turned it into this guesthouse.

We are about 15 minutes from Kyoto Station by bus.

We are very converiently located to many sightseeing spots.

We are surrounded by local atmosphere, a shopping street and public bath houses.

You can enjoy Kyoto from a variety of different angles.

The meaning of our logo

Guesthouse KYOTO COMPASS was founded to serve as a signpost for travelers to Kyoto.

Our last name is NOGAMI - any compass will point you to the ”N” in our name.

We post pictures and trip information from our guests on our homepage and on the wall in the guesthouse.

Together with our guests we are creating KYOTO COMPASS.


After I graduated from college, I worked as a cabin attendant for an airline.

Then I worked as a concierge in a Kyoto city hotel for more than a decade.

Through my many meetings with people I came to love travelers and Kyoto.

And when I myself traveled overseas, I received many kindnesses and had many heartwarming experiences.

We hope our guesthouse and our hospitality will do the same for you.

COMPASSオーナー 野上千津子 野上嘉之夫妻
Chizuko & Yoshiyuki Nogami